The self bonding tape for air and watertight repairs.

  • Forms an air and watertight nonconductive seal.
  • Withstands moisture, corrosion, contaminants.
  • Has excellent electrical insulation.
  • Has a temperature range from -54°C to +260°C.

When you need a tape to tackle the toughest tasks

Don’t be tempted by cheap tapes that aren’t much more than sticky tape. The little money you saved is soon wiped out when the tape unravels within hours of being applied, or you discover it wasn’t watertight after all. If you want to make the repair once, you need QuikTape self-fusing adhesive-free silicone rubber tape.

QuikTape is indispensable for repairs in the home, garden and workshop, not to mention at sea! QuikTape is ideal for air hose repairs, sport and tool grips, leak proofing distributor and spark plug caps, insulating electrical connections, leaking S bends and sink drains, leaking taps and joints, boat rigging protection, bundling electrical leads and more.

QuikTape is perfect wherever a tough, high temperature, permanently resilient insulation or seal is required. When properly installed, QuikTape provides a moisture-free seal around terminations, connections and wire harness bundles, offering low-cost solutions to high-reliability problem areas. And it’s easy to remove, leaving no residue. QuikTape is so tough that it conforms to US military specifications.

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